Paymaster Services

About Paymaster Services

Paymaster acts as a neutral third party in any transaction between two individuals, entities or businesses, whereby the Paymaster receives funds from a buyer into an escrow account, maintains the account and then disburses those funds to the relevant parties according to the transaction details. After deducting a commission as payment for its services, the Paymaster reconciles the account. Holding the funds in escrow with a neutral and trusted party reduces the risk for all parties to the transaction.

The Paymaster is not party to the transaction, but is central to its functioning, acting as an intermediary. We cannot reveal the identity of the parties to the transaction, meaning we must maintain a high level of confidentiality.

Many reasons may make Paymaster accounts appropriate, such as fuel or commodity transactions, transactions where the parties do not know each other, or share purchase and sale transactions. Transactions and Paymaster services have no specific time limit, meaning parties can use them either as a one-off solution or on a regular basis.

We are able to provide Paymaster services to individuals, companies and corporations worldwide. We are a trusted, neutral third party that collects deposits around international business transactions. A separate ring-fenced Paymaster account holds the funds and distributes them to the parties at the appropriate time.