Ireland Company Formation

Ireland – Corporate Taxes Summary

Corporation tax is chargeable as follows on income and capital gains:

Standard rate on income
(‘trading rate’)
Higher rate on income
(‘passive rate’)
Capital gains rate

Resident companies are taxable in Ireland on their worldwide profits (including gains). Non-resident companies are subject to Irish corporation tax only on the trading profits of an Irish branch or agency and to Irish income tax (generally by way of withholding) on certain Irish-source income.

Non-trading (passive) income includes dividends from companies tax resident outside Ireland (with some exceptions), interest, rents, and royalties. Legislation provides that certain dividend income (e.g. income from foreign trades) is taxed at 12.5%. The higher rate (i.e. 25%) also applies to income from a business carried on wholly outside Ireland and to income from land dealing, mining, and petroleum extraction operations.

An additional ‘profit resource rent’ tax applies to certain petroleum activities. Depending on the profit yield of a site, the tax rate applicable can range from 25% to 40%.

Close companies may be subject to additional corporate taxes on undistributed investment income (including Irish dividends) and on undistributed income from professional services. Examples of professional services include professions such as solicitor, accountant, doctor, and engineer.

Local income taxes

Ireland does not levy local or regional taxes on income.